How to get beautiful hair naturally.

Published: 17th June 2009
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We all envy the ladies with lovely, healthy glossy long hair in television and magazine advertisements; only once you try the product advertised, it never seems to have the same effect! Since I am one of those envious people, I have for years been trying out all kinds of given advice; through a process of trial and error, I have found a couple of remedies that are extremely effective, easy to use, have general health benefits and are affordable.

First of all your shampoo needs to be of the correct consistency, this means a clear, foaming shampoo; cream based shampoos tend not to cleanse the hair properly and may form a build-up on the hair shaft. This build-up causes a layer of unwanted product around the hair shaft, causing the hair to dry out from inside and eventually disintegrate; resulting in brittle and dull hair. Also try to establish the pH of your shampoo; this determines if the shampoo is able to cleanse the hair thoroughly or not; to reduce the chances of unwanted build-up. The correct pH for a good shampoo should be pH4.5.

Conditioner at the correct 4.5pH is also very important, to ensure that the protective cuticles around the hair shaft are closed after washing the hair; thus allowing the hair to be smooth and manageable. Open cuticles may be the main cause of tangled hair, since the hair shaft is not smooth.

Now for the natural remedies to ensure gorgeous hair!

When I was at school, having your hair "permed" was all the rage, so of course I had to have a perm. Only, I do not have very strong hair, so you can imagine what happened. Split ends and hair similar to straw! I'm sure many of you have seen uncared for "permed" and coloured hair. Well, thanks to my hair dresser at the time; a very wise and informed lady, I managed to restore my mane to its natural beauty with a very simple remedy.


The advice she gave me was to make a hair mask consisting of:

• Three table spoons of full cream mayonnaise;

• Three table spoons of olive oil and

• Two egg yolks.
You can of course double the recipe for longer or thicker hair; depending on your needs.

Apply this to dry hair covered by a plastic shower cap and leave on for two hours. Wash this "awful" mixture out very thoroughly, condition and style as desired! Within two days you will see an incredible improvement. The secret here is the combination of mayonnaise; which contains fruit and lactic acids which restore strength and are able to penetrate the hair shaft, eggs; which contain proteins to restore strength; and last but not least the natural fatty acid content of olive oil.

I have given this advice to clients over the years and the results never cease to amaze me.

This mask may be used for all hair types which have been damaged by chemical treatments.

How to make your hair grow faster:

Then of course there is always the question I am asked twenty times a day; how can I make my hair grow faster? That is quite simple, actually. The recipe is a mixture of:

• Bay rum;

• Bergamot Essence and

• An ampoule of hair placenta. (all available at your local pharmacy or drug store)

Mix these three ingredients in a spray bottle and apply to scalp after washing and conditioning. The ingredients seem to have an effect on the blood circulation of the skin on your scalp (which contains the hair bulb- growth part of hair); which is essential in bringing nutrients to the hair bulb to allow quicker growth. It has quite a pleasant orange blossom fragrance as well!

Flax Seed Oil also has an effect in improving hair growth. See supplement discussion.



Causes of hair loss:

There could be numerous reasons for hair loss and breakage.

In my experience the main reasons are diet related, stress, lack of correct supplements and incorrect hair products.

Other reasons could be related to thyroid disorders, iron shortage (anaemia), medication, pregnancy, trauma, nervous disorders and colon disorders. Please see my discussion on Acne and Colon Disorders, focus on the explanation and treatment of colon disorders.

Shine, Lustre and Tangled Hair:

If your hair lacks lustre and shine, the first advice I can give is to see that you are using the correct shampoo and conditioner. Also, be sure to rinse the conditioner out very well. Leave-in conditioners tend to cause hair to lose lustre (shine).

You can also try a silicone serum (available at most pharmacies or drug stores and hair salons). Please be advised that the silicone serum at your local pharmacy is much cheaper and equally effective. It also has the effect of detangling and to an extent straightening wavy hair. Apply a small amount to wet hair, comb tangles out and style.

Also try some of these remedies. Add a few drops of Rosemary Essential Oil to your shampoo; aids in hair growth, shine and health.

Rinse your hair in a basin of water in which you add a quarter cup of white vinegar or lemon juice; the acids in these substances have the effect of closing the cuticles, creating a smooth hair shaft. A smooth hair shaft reflects light better, so naturally your hair will appear healthy and shiny. This remedy is also very effective for tangled and oily hair!

Remove build-up:

To remove build-up due to hair sprays, styling agents etc, try using a tea spoon of bicarbonate of soda mixed in a handful of shampoo, wash thoroughly and rinse. This will also allow conditioner or masks to penetrate and work more effectively.

Also, if you find that a hair colorant does not want work or "take" on your hair, this may be due to unwanted build-up, and can be easily remedied by cleansing correctly first. This is especially useful for grey hair and diabetics; since the hair tends to be dry and extra porous, which prevents colour from taking.

"Sunlight liquid or basic dishwashing detergent" is also excellent to remove build-up and ensure that hair colorants and masks are more effective! And no, it can not damage your hair if you use it once in a while, just do not use it everyday. Only when applying a treatment.

Yes, I know it sounds harsh, but it has the desired effect without damaging your hair; to the contrary in fact. Hair colorant needs to penetrate the hair to be able to work properly; not lie on top and cause build-up and drying out!


Of course your hair has to be "fed" or rather nourished from inside as well, as hair needs nutrients to grow. A healthy diet and enough exercise are very important here, as well as balanced vitamin supplements; not just Zinc or Calcium and Magnesium, but a combination of supplements.

Main supplements include Vitamin A, E, D, B and C, Iron, Selenium and Fatty Acids.

The most important supplement for hair, skin and nails is Flax Seed Oil. This is a fatty acid found in the flax seed itself, other seeds, avocadoes and raw green leafy vegetables; now I do not know of too many people that eat these on a regular basis, so a supplement is in fact essential. These omega three, six and nine fatty acids are the best way of ensuring a healthy body and also mind; as the oils are said to be excellent for brain functioning as well. Bonus!

Fatty acids are your body's good fats, they are essential in restoring a natural metabolic rate, building of healthy new skin and body cells, balancing hormones, reducing cholesterol, aiding in weight loss (to metabolise fat, good fats are essential) and of course nourishing hair, skin and nails from inside.

Flax Seed Oil has many other valued qualities as well, but our main concern here is healthy hair; try this supplement and see if you can prove me wrong! It's the best advice I was ever given and since using the supplement, I have done quite a bit of research on the benefits and find it quite amazing that something so simple can be so wonderful

So, these are my remedies for gorgeous hair; I hope they work as well for you as they do for me!

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